The Orwell Society

George Orwell is known throughout the world for his masterpieces, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm.  Any one of his other books or collections of essays, letters and journalism contain further pleasures and important writing, from a description of the perfect pub or how to make a cup of tea to the dangers of nationalism and how it differs from the patriotism deeply felt by Orwell.

Classic: Nineteen Eighty-Four – widely regarded as relevant today and worth a re-read even if you’ve read it before. Buy Nineteen Eighty-Four
Try this first: Down and Out in Paris and London.  Orwell’s first full-length work: entertaining and liable to get you hooked on the rest of Orwell’s writing. Buy Down and Out in Paris and London

Biography: Coming up in 2023, an updated version of D.J.Taylor’s Orwell –
The Life.
(first edition 2004)

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