The Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship

Action adventure, romantic heroes, family life, artistic Bohemia, murder, fraud and addiction – Charlotte M Yonge (1823-1901) tackled all these themes, viewing them through a High Church lens. A bestseller in her time, she was read by all classes of society and appealed to all walks of life, from servants to soldiers, from priests to princesses.

Classic: The Heir of Redclyffe: A story of love, repentance and redemption, with a dashing but virtuous hero, it showed contemporary readers that chivalry and romance could exist in the modern world.

Or try this: The Daisy Chain: Foremost among the May children, whose mother dies at the start of the book, is Ethel May: awkward, intense, and deeply committed to her ideals, she is one of Yonge’s most loved characters.

Best biography or analysis of their work: Alethea Hayter’s Charlotte Yonge (Writers and their Work Series) packs a great deal of scholarship into this short and highly readable study of Charlotte M Yonge’s work.

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