Child Safeguarding Policies

The attached relate to Child Safeguarding: a generic policy document and a generic medical and consent form. These have been donated by one of our member societies for use by any society required to produce a policy. Please be aware that, if you are holding events involving children, you ought to have one of these. If you are a registered charity, you should follow the links in Appendix C of the policy document.

These are generic documents and therefore need to be reworked to apply to your particular charity and the way that it works.

The policy needs to be read, approved, signed, dated and adhered to by the trustees and anyone in the society who will be responsible for organising an event. When the policy is approved, a review date should be set. This should be minuted so that the review date does not get missed.

Whilst often one person is responsible for taking the lead with safeguarding, it is best practice to ensure that all trustees are engaged in this, and the society should consider whether a safeguarding course for some or all of the trustees would be useful.

The Generic Policy Document.

The Medical and Consent Form.

February 2021